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effective at the end of finals, ie in about eight days but who's counting...

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i will cross-post until my paid account runs out or until SUP successfully runs LJ into the ground. if you have/use Dreamwidth, please add me. if you need a code, i might be able to hook you up. yes, i know it looks like nothing. i will deal with this...after exams.

Dear Fall Semester 2009:


I am done. So very, very done.

I don't like this...

all my stars
...but i have to say it.

Effective now until the end of finals, that being 18 December at 17:00 Pacific Time (but who's counting?)...
1)I am not your social worker.
2)I am not your mother.
3)I am not an unpaid, can't write you off on my taxes substitute for either 1 or 2.
4)I am not your emotional dumping ground or relationship coach, while we're at it.

You are permitted to bring drama to me under the following conditions:

It is strongly preferred you keep these two elements separate and further preferred that the second element be avoided entirely.

If you believe this makes me an awful person, oh well, you might have noticed that my username here and in many other places means HEINOUS BITCH. It was kind of a warning, eh? In other words, if you believe this makes me an awful person, you're not my friend anyways. I value people, but i value survival of law school a little more right now.

See you on the flip side, world. Apologies for that this has been slightly crossposted.

I'm not a sellout.

I'm a pragmatist. There's a very, very large gulf between the two.

still not dead.

potterpuffs -- hermione bad day
still in law school.

there is very little else to report.

Sep. 21st, 2009

all my stars
Hush, and shush, for the beldam might be listening.
there's just something ever-so-perfect about the line You probably think this world is a dream come true... but you're wrong.

and no, this has nothing to do with civil procedure, anyone in Washington, or yummy, crispy turkey bacon. turkey bacon may be "wrong" but it tastes so, so right!

(and as much as i want to throw a "your mom" reference in there, this is serious black post.)

why is it...

that every car trip to Portland is either massively delayed by the goddamned fog (especially warm fog, super wicked awesome disorienting for me) or has some long, involved soul-knifing conversation that is painful and sometimes ultimately good*? (Heck, sometimes both the fog and the conversation.)

i got a ride down to Portland yesterday with a friend. somewhere around chehalis, the conversational storm clouds had formed, and by Castle Rock it was truly incisive. we pulled off, she lost her lunch, we got back on, we kept talking. the drawbridge was up on I-5 so we took 205 and by about the airport we had reached a good resolution as to what she needed to do. we ended up at the noodles and company in Clackamas Town Center having the wrap-up conversation when a little girl came over and asked me what i ate to make my hair that color. her mother was so embarrassed and not expecting us to laugh and chat with her for a moment. her mother was still kind of embarrassed in that cute Oregonian "omg i am so sorry..." way, but she supported my assertion that "enough broccoli will give you green hair so eat your broccoli and who knows in fifteen years..." it kind of put a logical capstone on it all. we ran through the awful Clackamas REI. i would eventually hoof it on a glorious August day down to the REI in the Pearl, which had exactly what i needed, but that's another story.

what we talked about is ultimately not important; it was basically me being unpaid therapist which is turnabout because ultimately this drive tends to make me become the person losing it. not always, there's just kind of a pattern.

i had a good time in Portland, having done my errands. i had a few beers with catamorphism and he and i discussed fsck and curry fries. i tore ass over to the bus mall, made the 6:15 train with minutes to spare...and i took the train back to Tacoma by myself. my friend made it to her destination in California at about 1am. i slept much of it as our train wandered through the fog. yesterday proved to have a lesson for me, too: i'm really happy i got to stay here for law school, for my business with this place is far from done.

*=this conversation was merely emotionally taxing for me but really hard for her. it will be ultimately good.

exam one of hopefully many.

and here...we...go.

Jun. 19th, 2009

potterpuffs -- hermione bad day
i'm so sick of being crazy.

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